About RootReads

RootReads is a site dedicated to all things books. Hopefully you’re here because you are one of those amazing rare birds who can’t get enough of the written word.

This is a place for acknowledging good writing, and I don’t mean that in a pretentious, “I only read certain important literature” kind of way. My definition of good writing is simpler. To me, a piece of writing might be considered “good” if it makes you think about something in a different light, or has an original style, or shows guts, or holds meaning, any meaning, for its readers. Or makes you smile. Or laugh. Or even cry.

I hope this blog will serve as a much-needed pocket of the internet set aside for positivity. I think the best thing about the online book community is it leans towards the positive. We’re a group of nerds who love what we love. We love it well, and fully, and we want to talk about it. I have little interest in negative reviews, at least not here on this site. This is partly out of necessity. I have little interest in bad writing (I hate, for the record, to use such a lazy adjective as “bad”, because what is “bad” writing? However, I’m intentionally using it here as a nebulous term because I know bad writing when I see it. And you do too. And quality is subjective). So because I have a tendency to put down a book I don’t love, I have a tendency to only talk about the ones I do. If I don’t finish something, I don’t share my opinion; It’s just not right to have an opinion on something unless you are fully informed about it.

My goal is to find wonderful writing, and focus on the best aspects of it. I am a writer of fiction, and I believe that reading makes writing better, as it makes human beings better.

So get excited, because books are worth getting excited about! And because art is the greatest thing about being alive.